New news service available to radio stations


Envision Radio NetworksVirtualNWS is now available for radio stations seeking to increase their news, weather and sports content but are eager to increase their overhead budget. The barter service is available from Envision Radio Networks.

Envision’s experienced staff of 15 news anchors provide the news, and all a local station needs to do is sell time around it. The service can be customized to meet any stations needs and is said to be available anytime, anywhere.

“VirtualNWS News Reports has been specifically designed for radio stations” says Envision Radio Networks President and CEO Danno Wolkoff. “The customized news service delivers content that your listener’s want and need on a daily basis with no additional needs placed on your current newsroom. Radio stations’ sales departments can still sell local advertising and sponsorships for each newscast delivered as VirtualNWS will integrate them seamlessly.”