New Lowe’s campaign focuses solely on men


LowesIt’s a new round of advertising via BBDO Worldwide NY to promote home improvement projects in the spring, its prime revenue-generating period. The ads, which began appearing 3/10, reflect an effort to take advantage of the rebounding housing market and catch up to Home Depot, the country’s most profitable national home improvement company.

As part of its new advertising, an extension of the “Never stop improving” effort  introduced in 2011, Lowe’s is for the first time advertising directly to men, in a spot that was first shown Sunday during a Nascar race on Fox, and that will be broadcast during the NCAA basketball tournament. On 3/12, Lowe’s began running ads created for specific regions and weather conditions, said a NY Times story.

The new creative includes a 60-second TV spot depicting a family moving into a new neighborhood and embarking on home improvement projects that inspire others to do the same. It is being shown on network television and on cable channels like A&E, Bravo and History Channel. The new advertising will run through June.

A second 60-second TV spot  shows men gathered in a backyard, pretending to be competing in various sports, using home improvement tools like a tape measure and sledgehammer as sports equipment. A v/o says, “You’ll probably never bat in the ninth inning of game seven, or have to make a shot with 20,000 fans screaming at you, or choreograph an original touchdown dance. But you do have a sport, and every weekend is your chance to take the field.”

Other 15-second TV spots — depicting a woman gardening and a man seeding his lawn — will run in different regions according to the advance of spring there.

The content of new digital advertising will be determined by the weather. One ad, for example, says Sunday’s forecast is sunny, with a temperature of 68 degrees, and continues, “It’s a beautiful day outside. Now’s the time to clean up your yard.” Digital advertising is running on websites like, and eHow, said the NY Times story.