New BFA Award Honors Lombardo While Saluting ‘Exemplary Spirit and Dedication’


NEW YORK — The Broadcasters Foundation of America has created a new honor to be presented annually at its Golden Mic Award gala, starting in 2025.

The honor will be bestowed upon an individual who exhibits “the spirit of dedication and relentless drive” to the Broadcasters Foundation charitable mission exemplified by its former longtime chairman, who passed away earlier this year.

The Philip J. Lombardo Spirit Award will be given to a board member, officer, supporter, contributor, and sponsor “with a long history of demonstrating Lombardo’s commitment to the Foundation.”

Broadcasters Foundation board member Ray Cole, the retired President and Chief Operating Officer of Citadel Communications — the broadcast TV group founded by Lombardo — says, “Phil believed in giving back to an industry he deeply cared about, contributing both time and treasure to support the vital mission of the Broadcasters Foundation: helping fellow broadcasters during a difficult time in their lives.”

The award is being underwritten by Kim Lombardo and her family, along with a longtime business associate and investor in broadcast media companies: Mario Gabelli.

“It’s an ideal way to recognize Phil’s unparalleled leadership and countless efforts that left a lasting impact on the Foundation’s mission,” Cole said.

BFoA Chairman Scott Herman commented, “Phil brought the sense of urgency that is often needed to give donors an understanding of why they need to donate to our charitable purpose. He led the board for many years, overseeing significant advancements that brought in more funds, and thereby allowing us to continue to distribute financial aid to broadcasters in need.”


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