Music festivals offer opportunity for radio


If a music festival is headed for your neck of the woods, and it’s in any way in sync with your format, it’s a no-brainer to make it a big topic of conversation on your station. But they also offer an opportunity to possibly bring in a few advertising dollars from an unusual source.

The idea comes from Packyourbags Travel Store, which operates in the United Kingdom. It noted that festival attendance can be off-putting for some, who want to enjoy the music but are not necessarily relishing the idea of doing so under rustic and potentially inclement conditions.

The outfitter noted that it can provide the standard essentials for an outdoor experience that may last for one or several days, including sleeping bags, tents, foul-weather gear, and other things.

It also has amenities that might be attractive to reluctant campers – shampoos and conditioners that do not require rinsing, an item called a Shewee, “which has been designed to allow ladies to relieve themselves standing or sitting without removing their clothes, ideal for attending a music festival where ladies can avoid having to hover over the seat.”

The lesson for US radio stations is that an upcoming festival is a golden opportunity to run an air schedule for any retailer in the area who has camping supplies or any other items that may be of use to a concert-goer faced with the prospect of roughing it in the pursuit of musical enjoyment.