Murphy’s Law comes to South Central Wisconsin


Mauston WI is a well south of the geographical center of the great state of Wisconsin, and in fact, in terms of the state’s Arbitron markets, you can accurately think of Mauston as not being near any of them. But an AM-FM-FM translator trio there is fetching an impressive sales price.
The stations are WRJC AM and FM, and translator W225BF.

They are being sold by Richard C. Bakalars’ WRJC Inc. The buyer is Murphy’s Law Media Group LLC, headed by Rebecca M. Bria and managed by James A. Murphy.

The price will be $845K for the stations, which are located on the I-94 corridor at a far remove from any territory that Arbitron is familiar with.

$150K of the money will go toward purchasing the associated real estate, and the rest will be covered via a promissory note with five years of regular payments and a balloon payment at the end. An LMA was scheduled to kick off 4/1/12.

The AM is a Class D on 1270 kHz with 500 W-D and 27 W-N. It’s music, the best of the 60s, 70s and 80s, can also be heard on the 250 W, 92.9 MHz signal of the translator.

WRJC-FM is a Class A on 92.1 MHz with 2 kW @ 571’. It’s sound is based on “today’s hits and yesterday’s favorites.”