MRC, A few words, and only a few


The Media Rating Council (MRC) is famed for its extreme secrecy, but RBR did receive a response from MRC Executive Director George Ivie to our questions about PPM. Not that he had much to say. This is very brief, so here are the questions and answers in full:

Q. Does MRC have any response to the call yesterday (12/5) before the House Telecommunications Subcommittee by James Winston, Executive Director of the National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, to have Congress investigate the MRC accreditation process regarding Arbitron’s Portable People Meter?

A: “I have no comment on this matter.”

Q: Can you confirm that Arbitron is currently appealing an MRC revocation of its accreditation for the Portable People Meter in Houston?

A: “The MRC does not disclose details about audits or audit results publicly.  Our web-site ( – under “About Us” and then under “Accredited Services”) presents the accredited status of research products we audit.”

RBR observation: The End.  Now sit and watch the movie credits roll down the screen at the end of the movie, which of course nobody every sits in anticipation for that long list to roll.