More trading in the noncom FM CP arena


There have been a few deals this year in which actual commercial radio properties in sizable rated markets have been sold, but by far the most volume on a license count basis has been in the unbuilt noncommercial FM CP category. Here are some of the latest to be filed.

Most of the time, the price tag attached to such deals is minimal, and they usually provide evidence of what is really being bought – time. They often involve stations for which time is running out. A new, qualified buyer – one that is not overly burdened with other functioning stations – can get an 18-month extension on the CP, and a request for an extension is often part of the transaction application.

So here are some of the latest such transactions:

WGLA-FM CP Galena IL is going from St. Michael’s Church of Galena to Catholic Radio Network Inc. under James O’Laughlin. The buyer is an active nomcommercial licensee, and will spend $1K to add this one to the portfolio. It is seeking an 18 month CP extension, to build the station as a Class C2 on 90.1 MHz with 23.5 kW @ 387’.

Another extension request accompanies documents for the sale of an FM CP licensed to Romney WV. It’s a Class A on 88.1 MHz with 63 W at 1,076’. The seller is Airwaves for Jesus, and the buyer is Edgewater Broadcasting Inc. The price is $1K.

An FM CP earmarked for Hopedale OH is also being sold for $1K. Franciscan University of Steubenville is selling to La Promesa Foundation, and once again a CP extension is being requested. The facility is to be a Class A on 91.7 MHz with 1.5 kW @ 208’.

Finally, WBNB-FM CP Equality AL is going from Equality Broadcasting Network to The Power Foundation, for one lone dollar. The station will be a Class A on 91.3 MHz with 700 W @ 210’. And yes, the buyer is once again looking for an extra 18 months to get the station built.