How Did Comcast Help A Family-Run Radio Broadcaster?


Mega Rock Radio is a family-owned and operated FM radio corporation that owns a Class B1 FM serving the famed town of Punxsutawney, Pa., and a Class A in the town of Johnsonburg, to the northeast of the locale made famous by a groundhog.

On-air hosts and sales staff rely heavily on internet and voice services for many reasons, including giving “quality broadcast entertainment” to listeners across its listening area.

Who knew that Comcast Business would play such an integral role.

With WJNG and WMKX in a simulcast, the stations can be heard in 12 counties across Western Pennsylvania.

“As the company has grown from a small broadcast area to two towers covering a larger regional area, it required additional technology services,” Comcast Business notes.

Adds Mega Rock Radio GM Nathan Sharp, “The internet and phone are our primary forms of interacting with listeners and advertisers. Our prior service was slow to connect. We required a service provider that could solve these concerns and act as a partner to address any customer service questions in a timely manner.”

With Comcast Business Internet its selection, all on-air communications, interaction between the studio and broadcast towers, and business management have seen improvements with connectivity.

“Our staff has been able to communicate quickly with our audience,” Sharp says. “While we may be a small company of seven people, the Comcast Business team has treated us as though we were their largest customer by going above and beyond to help us answer questions and ensure that services at our office and towers went smoothly.”

While many broadcasting companies do not think much about it, Ethernet, Internet, Wi-Fi, Voice, and TV services are essential for every-day business needs.