Media General goes mobile in Columbus OH


NBC-affiliated WCMH-TV is the pioneer station in the Media General group of stations, blazing a trail into the brave new world of mobile distribution. MG said that the station’s MDTV stream can now be picked up on properly-equipped laptops, mobile phones and other portable devices.

The Columbus service began 9/23/10, and according to MG President/CEO Marshall N. Morton, there’s more to come in other markets. He said, “At Media General, our greatest strength is that we have the right local content for our marketplaces. Mobile DTV is an important new way to extend our reach and deliver this content to our viewers, when, where and how they want it. We already serve a growing audience over numerous personal wireless devices, with our e-mail, texting and mobile Web site services. Mobile DTV now allows us to deliver our television content to on-the-go consumers. We look forward to launching Mobile DTV in as many as 5-7 additional television markets in the coming months.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Broadcast television stations do very well head-to-head with other AV content on a cable or satellite channel lineup. But they won’t compete at all on new media if they don’t have a presence. They used to say Elvis has left the building. Well, so has the ability to watch TV-style content. TV had better follow viewers to wherever they are going if it wants to protect its standing in the media universe.