Media fares poorly in job quality study


Thumbs Up and Thumbs DownCareerCast’s 2013 job rating survey is out, listing 200 jobs in terms of desirability based on compensation, stress and availability. One media job is dead last in the survey and not a one is in the top 100.

In a release, the list producer stated, “Newspaper reporter, a job that traditionally has attracted many aspiring writers, been romanticized in movies and helped bring down corrupt presidents, has been named the worst job in the nation, according to the new 2013 Jobs Rated Report, which has ranked the best and worst U.S. jobs for 25 years.”

“People who love to write can consider working for online publications or transition to advertising or public relations,” says Tony Lee , publisher, “Many jobs in communications offer better hours, greater stability, a work/life balance and a healthier hiring outlook than being a newspaper reporter.”

RBR-TVBR plucked out the media categories. Here’s what we found:
128. broadcast technician
135. broadcast advertising sales
168. publications editor
179. disc jockey
184. broadcaster/news etc.
197. actor
200. newspaper reporter

From CareerCast: the Top 10:
1. Actuary
2. Biomedical Engineer
3. Software Engineer
4. Audiologist
5. Financial Planner
6. Dental Hygienist
7. Occupational Therapist
8. Optometrist
9. Physical Therapist
10. Computer Systems Analyst

…and the bottom 10:
200. Newspaper Reporter
199. Lumberjack
198. Enlisted Military Personnel
197. Actor
196. Oil Rig Worker
195. Dairy Farmer
194. Meter Reader
193. Mail Carrier
192. Roofer
191. Flight Attendant

RBR-TVBR observation: This kind of survey really makes one think about working in the trade press. We’re in a business that fares poorly, covering another business that fares poorly – double the misery! But we suppose it beats digging holes for a living. Or maybe not…