Radio’s Road To Third-Party Digital Ad Revenue


The company known for revenue management and digital software for radio industry professionals has rolled out a platform giving broadcasters the opportunity to sell third-party digital advertising.

It’s being pitched by Marketron as a way to have radio stations increase their revenue and amplify existing ad programs.

Introducing Marketron NXT, which the company says provides a single software solution
for managing integrated radio and digital campaigns, from proposal to invoice.

It is Marketron’s position that radio broadcasters are uniquely positioned to offer fully integrated advertising campaigns by taking advantage of their relationships with local

“The radio industry is in a period of rapid transition, and we are here to enable our industry to successfully bridge to the new future,” Marketron CEO Jim Howard said. “Launched in 2018, Marketron’s Pitch is a sophisticated digital ad platform that is now in use by some of the country’s largest broadcasters to generate significant revenue. With Marketron NXT, we have leveraged our deep knowledge in radio and digital advertising to create an offering that will bring the same success to radio groups of all sizes.”

Marketron NXT, he adds, consolidates all major digital categories into a single system that includes capabilities for proposal creation, order entry, execution of radio and digital, campaign reports and invoicing. “In the past, each proposal had to be built from scratch and insertion orders had to be created for multiple platforms, leading to delays and possible errors,” Marketron says. “Reporting was inadequate for digital tactics, and business offices often struggled to create workflows that could account for all revenue
streams and show accurate reporting and margins.”

Marketron SVP/Product Jimshade Chaudhari added, “With the ability to create professional proposals in minutes and then show digital campaign ROI through detailed reporting, sales teams can demonstrate additional value to advertisers and increase the likelihood of renewals. Automatic creation of insertion orders reduces time and the potential for error, and Marketron NXT’s end-to-end workflow makes it easy for business offices to track invoices, payments and margins.

“All of this, of course, spells increased revenues and market success for radio broadcasters who can now seamlessly add the digital tactics their advertisers desire. They can increase order sizes, grow their client base and compete against any agency in town with comprehensive advertising solutions. And, they can now do all of this in an efficient and affordable manner.”

Marketron NXT also includes training and support for salespeople on how to sell digital products and how they can help advertisers effectively use digital tactics to meet their goals. Additionally, Marketron offers creative services to assist broadcasters with the creation of digital ad assets.

Marketron NXT is now available in beta and will be available for wide release in the fourth quarter.