Marketron Mobile ups Saga’s Mobile Club members by 60%


Marketron / MediascapeMarketron, provider of business software solutions and services for the media industry, released results from a recent national mobile campaign that Marketron powered for Saga Communications. Saga worked with Marketron Mobile for its “Saga Collective Texting Contest” this spring, and the collaboration successfully engaged Saga’s listeners and drove high participation—over 178,000 new members were added to the Saga text club.

“Saga Communications used this texting program to create contest differentiation from our competition among the 30 participating stations – we were looking for something bigger and more interesting than another “9th caller” phone promotion,” said Steve Goldstein, Saga EVP. “The stats show we achieved our goals with substantial increases in our database and participation levels that exceed anything we had done in the past.  Concentration of force works.”

Saga worked with Marketron Mobile in its “Saga Collective Texting Contest Spring 2012,” which gave listeners a chance to win $1,000 twice daily on weekdays from April 2 to May 5 and included 31 participating stations nationally. At the completion of the campaign, the overall text club gained 178,000 new members – an overall growth of 60%. In addition, over 3.3 million texts were received during the contest which included nearly one million total “episode unique” entries.  Throughout the campaign, some markets saw as much as 82% total growth in their membership clubs.

Prior to using Marketron Mobile’s solutions, Saga Radio had traditionally executed contests via phone dial-in by the listener. This method did not allow true insight of listener participation levels and the ability to capture listener information.