Make performance payments a matter of choice


Here’s a reader who goes beyond one size fits all, and says there should be a royalty/promo option available to labels and stations.

Here’s a thought on the Record Royalty Payments. What if the record companies, instead of sending stations free CDs, simply charged radio stations a fee for each recording, with the stations free to buy whichever recordings they wished to use?  The record companies would receive money for the CDs that were used by the stations that bought them; the stations would have the choice of which recordings were best for their uses. Those record labels that really, really wanted their product aired would be able to furnish stations free copies, if they wanted to.  (Isn’t this what it’s all about, anyway?)

In the case of classical music stations such as WCLV, we’d never have to buy another CD, since we already have 56 copies of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 etc.  

Robert Conrad



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