‘LOST’ Who’s the best candidate? Jack to trust Locke (review w/ up coming)


Coming this Tuesday it is “The Candidate ” — Jack must decide whether or not to trust Locke after he is asked to follow through on a difficult task, on “Lost,” TUESDAY, MAY 4 (9:00-10:02 p.m., ET)

This week Lost was a rerun of Ab Aeterno, Richard’s story.  I was upset that they had decided to skip a week and run this.  Yes, it was the “enhanced” version, but I can watch any of the back issues online.  We were promised several seasons ago that this wouldn’t happen.  Then I found something that I had missed the first time around.  So, I had to climb off of my soap box and eat some crow.

At the end of this episode, Jacob is talking to the Man in Black and tells him that he will always be on the island to keep him there and if he dies, there will be someone else to take his place.  That’s when a light bulb went off.

This whole time I’ve been thinking that there would be two of our losties left on the island; one in Jacob’s place and one in place of the Man in Black.  I was wrong.  There will be only one of our losties left on the island; the one that will be taking Jacob’s place.  The Man in Black will be left in the guise of John Locke (at least until another dead body shows up). 

The Man in Black is being kept on the island by Jacob to keep his “evil” at bay.  I think we can all agree that the Man in Black is supposed to represent the ultimate evil (you give him whatever name you decide).  Jacob is the protector of the island and his keeper; the soldier given the duty of guarding the prisoner.

So, let’s take a look at our remaining candidates. 

Jack Shephard – Jack is/was the leader.  Maybe not by choice, but people have a way of looking to him for guidance.  Is it because he’s a doctor or just because of his personality?  Jack tends to have a one track mind.  Once he’s decided on a course of action, no one and nothing will change his mind.  Isn’t that how Juliette ended up dead?  But, Jack also has a way of doubting himself and his abilities.  This stems from his dysfunctional relationship with his father.  His doubts are hurting him now.  He refuses to lead and seems content to follow anyone else’s; even if the person leading is the Man in Black.

James “Sawyer” Ford – Sawyer became a con man after watching his father kill his mother, then himself after she was conned by a man named “Sawyer”.  He took the name “Sawyer” and became a con man in an attempt to find the original man and act out his revenge.  Sawyer has grown fond of the people around him; especially Kate and Hurley.  He always seems to “do the right thing”, but only after much convincing and complaining.  He currently seems to be one of the only survivors willing to go against the Man in Black, but not to save the world, but to save his own hide.

Hugo “Hurley” Reyes – Hurley is one big teddy bear.  He won the lottery by playing those mysterious numbers; 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42.  Those same numbers led him to Australia and eventually to the island.  Hurley has the ability to talk to the dead; although he finds this uncomfortable at times.  Hurley never over thinks things.  He has an innate way of simplifying the confusing.  He’s always able to lighten the mood when things are too tense.  He’s always kind and thoughtful and a bit of a coward.

Sayid Jarrah – Sayid is an ex-interrogator for the Iraqi Republican Guard.  He tortured many prisoners in the name of duty.  He released his love Nadia from prison and was on his way to LA to finally reunite with her.  When Sayid escaped the island; he found Nadia and they were married. It seemed he was finally living the “happily ever after” until Nadia was killed by a hit and run driver.  Sayid is constantly reminded of his background no matter how hard or far he runs from it.  Even now, the Man in Black is using him as his “gun”.  He promised Sayid Nadia’s life back in return for his service.  Again, he is forced to use the skills he so wants to forget he has.

Sun-Hwa or Jin-Soo Kwon – We are not sure which Kwon is the actual candidate.  Only the last names were printed on the wall of the cave.  Sun is the daughter of a wealthy, crooked business man.  Jin is the son of a fisherman.  They fell in love and the only way Sun’s father would allow them to marry was if Jin worked for him.  Jin is forced to become an enforcer and their marriage suffers.  Sun is planning to run away to the states to get away from both Jin and her father when the plane crashes.  While on the island, they find each other again and Sun becomes pregnant.  As they are escaping the island, Jin is caught in an explosion and Sun believes him to be dead.  She is lured back to the island with the hope of finding him alive and returning with him to their daughter.

So, who will be left in Jacob’s steed at the end of all of this?  It’s quite obvious that the Man in Black can not be allowed to leave the island and wreak havoc on the world.  So, is Jack or Hurley strong enough to combat him?  Sawyer and Sayid have the strength, but do they have the will?  Sun or Jin will never leave each other again.  They’ve waited too long to let go now.

As for the TV ratings: ABC’s “Lost” Generates its Most-Watched Repeat Telecast in Nearly 2 Years. “Lost” (9:00-10:00 p.m.) An encore telecast of “Lost” registered the series’ biggest audience (5.6 million) for any repeat telecast in nearly 2 years and its highest Adult 18-49 number (1.8/5) in well over 1 year – since 5/29/08 and 2/18/09, respectively.   

April Starlett

Note from April: I ask you readers; who do you think will be left sitting on the beach next to John Locke at the end? Comment below.

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