Lone Star now a dark star; Fox drops it after two airings


First Lone Star fell in the ratings chart, then it fell off the schedule. The 23% loss of drawing power came after a less-than-auspicious start, and after ending its second show basically tied with Gossip Girl from CW with a 1.0/3 18-49, Fox decided to put it out of its misery.

TV program/ratings e-pub Cynopsis called it “…one of the swiftest fall broadcast season cancellations in history.” According to Cynopsis, there are still three episodes in the can, and it’s unknown when they might be aired.

But it is known what will air in place of Lone Star. Lie To Me will come back for its third season in the Monday 9PM E/P timeslot.

RBR-TVBR observation: When we were kids, the networks had at least a modicum of patience when they introduced a new show, or so it seemed anyway. Of course, back then they were basically competing with only two other networks and whatever might be running on PBS and one or two indies. Memo to pilot producers: The splash better be BIG!