London looks to double in Tyler-Longview


It will take a failed station waiver from the FCC to get done, and if that regulatory remedy is forthcoming, CW KCEB will become the little sister of CBS KYTX in the Tyler-Longview TX DMA.

The prospective buyer is KCEB License Company LLC, a subsidiary of Terry London’s London Broadcasting Company Inc. The contract calls for a payment of $853, 200 for the station’s Class A assests, and $94.8K for its Class B assets, for a total of $948K. The application also lays the groundwork for an SSA until closing.
The seller is Charles Chatelain’s Estes Broadcasting Inc.

KCEB has been unable to complete its full power digital plant, which will cost an estimated $470K, and has been operating at low power under special temporary authority.

In addition to KYTX, London owns a full power and low power station in the Waco-Temple-Bryan TX DMA and a full power in the Beaumont-Port Arthur TX DMA.

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