KSWD "The Sound" brings back KMET in LA


KMET-FM, the legendary renegade FM that captivated a generation of Rock fans, will return to the LA airwaves for one day only, on Friday, 7/10.  The original DJs, the jingles, the Rock stars, and – of course – the groupies (now in their 40s) all will be there, on a day that host station Bonneville’s AAA The Sound (KSWD 100.3) is calling, “Finally a KMET Friday.”

KMET was the unofficial mouthpiece and meeting place for the youth counter-culture movement of the ‘70s and ‘80s.  The station’s ratings were enormous, its concerts and events were mobbed, and other media outlets scrambled to book DJs as guests.  KMET’s messy studios were a second home for artists like Mick Fleetwood, Jackson Browne, Ted Nugent and Bruce Springsteen.  The movie FM and TV show WKRP in Cincinnati freely “borrowed” plot lines and characters from the rebellious behind-the-scenes happenings at KMET.

For listeners, “Finally a KMET Friday” will begin on 100.3 The Sound much like their weekday routine began for more than a decade, with top-rated morning DJ Jeff Gonzer and newsman Ace Young reuniting on the radio at 8 a.m. Joining them as the day unfolds will be DJs Paraquat Kelley, Jack Snyder, David Perry, Rick Scarry, LA’s first female program director, Sam Bellamy, van driver Raul and fast-talking sales manager Bob Griffith. The day will conclude with legendary KMET oddball Dr. Demento presenting his greatest hits at 7 p.m. Other youth icons of the ‘70s and ‘80s are expected to visit the studios to reminisce.

Listeners also will hear tape of memorable moments in KMET history. From the solemn announcement of John Lennon’s murder to the hilarious “Friday Fish Report,” the DJs will hit the rewind button to relive the events exactly as they originally sounded.