KFI debuts diversity programming moves


David CruzUnder fire for the recent comments on the “John & Ken” show, Clear Channel Los Angeles has made the first moves to diversify its on-air lineup. Two new weekend shows have taken to the station’s airwaves, hosted by David Cruz (pictureed) and Mo O’Kelly.

The introductions of the new shows are the first fulfillment of the commitment that KFI management made several weeks ago after meeting with LA African-American community leaders. Clear Channel Market Manager Greg Ashlock,  KFI Program Director Robin Bertolucci and Marketing Director Neil Saavedra had pledged to audition for a diverse group of local hosts and guests. That has now led to two new shows, which made their debut over the past weekend (4/7 & 8).

This is a rare and laudable initiative by a talk station to diversify its talent roster and its audience.  I hope it works!” said a note to RBR-TVBR from David Hoenig, Executive Director of the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council.

Clear Channel didn’t have to look far to find David Cruz. He recently began hosting a daily talk show on KFI sister station KTLK-AM. His new “David Cruz Show” on KFI airs Sundays 6-8 pm.

“Every journalist has a list of people he wants to speak to – this new program gives me a great excuse to talk to everyone on my list.  It’s going to be an exciting and provocative show.”

Morris “Mo” O’Kelly is a veteran of the music industry and an entertainment journalist who has appeared on numerous network television programs. He writes regularly for the Huffington Post – both on the entertainment business and an African-American perspective on politics. He’s also a regular political commentator for BBC Radio on the American political system.

“I’ve wanted to do a show like this for a long time – dig into what Southern Californians think and why.  Opinions are as diverse as the population, and I think we’re going to shed light on issues that really matter,” said O’Kelly.