K-LOVE operator grabs an OK FM


Educational Media Foundation has actually sold off a few of its properties recently, but this time it’s back in the buyer’s column, getting KOCD-FM Okemah OK from KESC Enterprises. The price is $700K.

EMF is the non-commercial radio outfit that operates the contemporary Christian K-LOVE Network, among other things, and has expanded its radio portfolio from its California roots into a coast-to-coast operation.

KOCD-FM is yet another EMF incursion into the commercial part of the FM band. The station is a Class C2 on 103.7 MHz with 72 kW @ 925’. EMF said on the application that as usual it will file to convert the station to a non-commercial license. It has been using a Country format.

The station is not in Arbitron-rated territory, but it comes within the vicinity of Oklahoma’s two largest markets. It is south of Tulsa and east of Oklahoma City, approaching but not quite making it to either.

Half of the $700K purchase price will be paid with cash, with the other $350K accounted for via promissory note.