June update: Nielsen Audio subscribers, markets 23-35


Clark-SmidtMore markets, more information, who’s hot and who’s not. All markets, all the time.  Even without a number for every station in the metro, trends and opportunities become clear:

23.  Portland, OR.  Clear Channel (CCU) grabs 3 of the Top 5 share ranks.  Oldies (not Classic Hits) KLTH jumps to #1 5.5-6.4-7.3, #3 CCU A/C KKCW takes Top Cume 655,900 6-9-6.8-6.6 while CCU RymCHR KXJM is 4th 6.1-  #2 share goes to Oregon Public’s News/Talk KOPB/F 7.0-6.1-6.7 and 5th is Entercom (ETM) Country KWJJ 4.1-4.7-5.4.  Observations:  Right on the heels of KWJJ in the Country battle is Alpha Media’s KUPL 6.4-6.3-5.2.  After their recent acquisition run, Alpha posts 3.5-3.5-3.3 for Hot A/C KBFF, AA KINK 3.4-3.2-3.0 and N/T KXL/F 3.8-3.4-2.9.  Classic Rock competition finds ETM KGON 4.2-4.1-4.9 ahead of CCU KFBW 3.4-3.7-4.0.  ETM Adults Hits is steady at 4.2 and ties ETM sister Hot A/C KRSK going 4.7-4.3-4.2.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 32.1 (including Mod Rock KKRZ HD-2 at .5), ETM 23.2, Alpha 13.0 and Oregon Public 8.8 (including .4 with the N/T KOPB Stream).

24.  Charlotte.  CBS is leader of the pack with Urban Contemporary WPEG 7.4-8.0-7.7 for top share with the market’s #8 cume.  CBS Country WSOC/F follows with 6.6-6.8-7.5.  CCU has the next two spots with Classic Rock WRFX 6.4-6.2-6.9 and Country WKKT 6.4-5.9-6.6.  5th ranked share is R&B Oldies (not Classics) 6.1-5.8-6.4. At 10th ranked share CBS CHR WNKS has the #1 cume at 516,200, despite being off 4.9-4.3-4.1. CCU CHR WHQC is right behind 3.9-3.8-4.0 at 11th with #3 cume 483,000.  Observations:  CBS Urban A/C WBAV/F has the best April/May/June trend 7.2-6.8-8.2.  Greater Media’s pair Hot A/C WLNK goes 3.6-3.5-4.0 while N/T WBT-A/F is 3.3-3.1-3.0, ahead of University Radio’s N/T WFAE/WFHE 2.7-2.7-2.5.  Cluster Shares:  CBS 32.3, CCU 25.2, Radio One 11.1, Greater Media 7.0.

25.  Pittsburgh.  CCU has 3 in the Top 5 with a couple of ties in a very tight race.  CCU Rock WDVE 7.3-7.0-8.0 is #1, CCU Classic Hits WWSW 7.9-8.0-7.6 is tied for 2nd with CBS Country WDSY 6.5-6.9-7.6.  CCU CHR WKST ties for 3rd with 6.7-6.9-7.5 while at 7.1-7.6-7.5 Steel City Media’s Adult Hits WRRK has the market’s #1 cume 674,100. Observations:  There’s another tie in the Hot A/C battle as CBS WBZZ goes 4.4-4.6-4.2 and Steel City Media’s WLTK steady at 4.3-4.2-4.2.  News/Talk icon KDKA is 6.7-5.8-5.5 ahead of combined CCU Talk WPGB 2.5 and Essential Public Media N/T WESA 1.9.  CCU ModRock WXDX had the biggest A/M/J swing 3.7-4.0-2.8.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 28.8, CBS 22.1, Steel City 11.7.

27.  Sacramento.  Entercom has the Top 2.  Classic Rock KSEG 7.7-7.3-7.2 #1 share, 3rd cume and ETM CHR KDND 7.8-6.5-6.6 for #1 Cume 590,900 and #2 share.  CCU N/T KFBK A/F is 5.4-5.9-5.9.  Next are CBS A/C KYMX 6.8-5.6-5.6 and Hot A/C 4.6-4.7-5.1.  Observations:  ETM has complementary Rock KRXQ 5.6-5.3-5.0 and ModRock 3.4-4.3-4.5.  The RymCHR race has CBS KNTY 4.6-4.6-4.3 over Entravision KHHM 2.4-2.8-3.5.  Entravision wins Country 3.6-3.6-4.0 over CCU KBEB 1.6-1.8-1.6.  Sacramento Sports yawns with CBS KHTK 1.6 and ETM KCTC 1.4.  Cluster Shares:  ETM 28.3, CBS 20.3, CCU 15.2.

29.  CIncinnati.  3 big players in a tight race.  Top Share is Talk CCU WLW 11.6-11.8-11.6, with 3rd cume.  Hubbard Country WUBE scores #1 Cume 570.800 and surges 8.2-9.1-10.3.  Coordinated Cumulus (CMLS) pair follows with Classic Hits WGRR 6.9-7.4-7.1 and Classic Rock WOFX 5.2-5.0-6.3.  5th is Hubbard Hot A/C WKRQ dropping 7.-9-7.5-5.9.  Observations:  Hubbard doubles up with Hot A/C and offers a 2nd Country WYGY 2.5-2.7-2.7 that’s just ahead of CMLS Country 2.3-2.4-2.6.  CCU ModRock WEBN HD2 gets a 1.5.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 24.6, Hubbard 22.9 and CMLS 22.1. Radio One 8.3, Cincinnati Public 5.4.

30.  Cleveland.  CCU 1-2-3.  CCU Classic Hits #1 Share 8.8-9.2-8.9 and runner-up cume, CCU Adult Hits WHLK #1 Cume 603.600 with 9.2-9.0-8.8, CCU Country WGAR/F 7.8-7.4-7.5.  Next, CBS Classic Rock WNCX 6.6-7.0-6.8 and CBS A/C WDOK 6.6-7.0-6.8.  Obervations:  Radio One has a complementary pair with Urban A/C WZAK 5.9-5.7-6.5 and UrbanContemp. WENZ 5.2-5.2-59.  CCU has the only Rock format WMMS 5.6-5.2-5.4 and the sole CHR WAKS 4.9-4.0-4.0.  The News/Talkers are CCU WTAM 6.6, Ideastream WCPN 2.3 and the Kent State WSKU combo at 1.2.   Cluster Shares:  CCU 42.1, CBS 21.4, Radio One 12.4.

31.  Salt Lake City.  CCU CHR KZHT #1 shares 6.3-6.3-6.7.  Bonneville Soft A/C KSFI 6.7-7.3-6.5, 3rd share KLO Broadcasting’s Hot A/C KBZN delivers the #1 cume 633,600  6.1-6.5-6.5. Bonneville N/T KSL A/F 7.7-6.8-6.3 and 5th is CCU Talk KNRS A/F 5.7-5.3-5.6.  Observations:  Conservative market as top rock is Classic Rock CCU 4.0, CMLS Rock KBER 1.7 and CMLS ModRock KHTB 1.4.  Broadway Media takes over Simmons with CHR KUDD up 5.4, RymCHR KUUU steady at 3.1, Country KEGA at 1.9, Adult Hits KYMV holding at 1.7 and Sports KALL .8, tied with Larry Millers Sports pair KZNS/KOVO .8 and KZNS/F .6.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 26.1, Bonneville 17.1, CMLS 12.6, Broadway Media 11.9.

32.  Las Vegas.  CCU A/C KSNE/F has the #1 share 5.8-6.3-7.1, The #1 Cume 498,000 and the biggest A/M/J gain +1.3.  CBS in 2nd place with Hot A/C KMXB 7.0-6.4-7.0 and 4th share RymCHR KLUC/F 6.2-5.6-5.5.  Beasley is 3rd with Classic Hits KKLZ up 5.0-5.1-5.7.  Rounding out the Top 5 is Lotus Communications Spanish Classic Hits KWID 5.2-5.8+5.3.  Observations:  Faith’s Contemporary Christian saves Vegas 5.6-5.9-5.0, tied with Kemp Broadcasting RymCHR KVEG.  Beasley adds RymOldies KOAS 5.2-4.4 and Country KCYE 2.7 tied with CCU Country KWNR.  Beasley’s Adult HIts holds a 2.0. The only market News/Talk is Nevada Public Radio’s KNPR 1.3-1.5-1.3.  Custer Shares:  CBS 18.8, Beasley 15.1, CCU 12.6, Lotus 11.1.

33. Kansas City.  Cumulus Classic Rock KCFX #1 7.3-6.9-6.7.  Wilks Country KFKF 7.5-7.3-6.5, Carter Broadcast UrbanContemp. KPRS is 3rd 7.0-6.7-6.5 and Entercom pair Country WDAF 5.3-5.6-5.9 and Rock KQRC 5.4-5.9-5.5, complete the Top 5.  Entercom Hot A/C KZP has #1 cume 529,400 and the best A/M/J trend 4.0-4.1-4.8.  Observations:  In a surprise blockbuster deal, Frischling’s Steel City of Pittsburgh will take over Wilks Kansas City including KFKF, another Country WBEQ 4.6-5.2-5.4, CHR KMXV 4.9-5.3-4-4.7 and A/C KCKC 2.9-3.1-2.5.  CMLS Oldies KCMO holds 5.0-4.9-5.1.  Cluster Shares:  ETM 27.1, CMLS 24, Wilks/Frischling 19.1.

34.  Orlando.  Central Florida Educational ContempChristian WPOZ  is #1 share 8.1-7.9-7.3.  Cox follows with 2nd & 3rd shares for Urban A/C WCFB 6.7-6.8-7.3 and Country WWKA 7.3-7.0-5.9.  CCU CHR WXXL ties for 3rd 6.5-6.4-5.9.  CCU A/C WMGE is tied for 5th 5.7-5.4-5.6 with CBS Hot A/C WMMQ scoring Top Cume 507,800 and 5.2-5.3-5.6.  Observations:  CCU Tropical WRUM (really) goes 4.1-4.7-4.9. CBS Classic Hits is 5.0-5.0-4.6.  Cluster Shares:  COX 28.2, CCU 26.3, CCU 10.2.

35.  Columbus.  CCU has 3 out of the Top 6.  CHR WNCI 11.3-10.7-11.0 #1 Share and #1 Cume 600,500.  CCU WCOL/F Country is #2 10.5-11.0-10.1.  3rd share belongs to ROI UrbanContemp. WCKX 5.5-5.4-6.4.  4th place CCU Talk WTVN 5.1-5.5-5.6 is in a 3 way tie with CCU Classic Hits WODC 4.7-4.2-5.6 and Radio One’s (ROI) Urban A/C WXMG 3.6-5.4-5.6.  The Wilks pair of Classic Rock WLVQ 4.8-4.9-4.6 and Classic Country WHOK/F 1.4-1.3-1.5 could be a target.  The one and only News/Talk station is Ohio State University WOSU/F 2.6-3.1-2.7.  Cluster Shares:  CCU 37.9, ROI 12.0, Wilks 6.1.

So, Goodbye Columbus and “To be continued…..” with Markets 36-52, ahead of the Spring quarterlies.

Clark Smidt, built 3kw stereo WWUH-FM, West Hartford, July 1968 and moved into Boston broadcast management as Asst.GM/PD WBUR,1970.  Since WBZ A/F ’71-’75, he’s analyzed trends for actionable plans.  Media synergy, content and presentation adds branding, new business and top of mind awareness.  This is excellent timing for a No Risk Proposition.  Contact: [email protected] 978 470 2120 www.broadcastideas.com Andover, MA.