July Nielsen Audio: The Best of the rest – PPM Nifty Fifty


Clark-SmidtThis update completes May/June/July 6+ PPM radio highlights from Austin, TX. (37) to Hartford, CT. (52). Checking the top line subscriber shares & cume there’s more evidence of radio service, specific formats and reach. In new developments, such as Disney’s decision to divest AM, the audio content and presentation will delivered over other channels, like Internet, XM, HD. But, it still has to be “Good Radio.” The programs attract audience and advertisers. Remember the All-Channel Bill for AM & FM? Well, here it comes, again….on steroids. With more channels to choose, Mickey can’t get Goofy!

As market review gets smaller in size, the number of subscribers can diminish. Given the pin point targeting of radio, it’s practical to consider showing the top line apples-to-apples total share number for all stations in all markets. It’s worth the price of admission for permission to sell off the depth of Nielsen stats and contract additional research analysis of the reports. Let’s roll the tape on the remaining 13x per year PPM Nielsens from the rest of the Top 50 markets.

37. AUSTIN, TX. 6+ Population 1,476,900. Ethnic Composition: Hispanic 30%, Black 7%. Austin’s a strong subscriber market with 28 of 35 stations listed with shares. 80%. Emmis Adult Hits KBPA leads the pack with a Double #1 Win – 6+ Shares 9.6-9.5-9.0 and #1 Total Cume 491,800. Clear Channel CCU takes 2nd and 3rd place with a pair of Country formats – KASE/F 7.3-7.8-7.5 and KVET/F 6.0-5.9-6.0. CCU also has 4th ranked CHR KHFI 4.9-4.9-5.1 and Christa Media ContempChristian KFMK dips 5.3-5.1-4.8. Notes: Mexican/Spanish formats have EMMS RegionalMexican on top 4.5-4.0-4.2, Univision SpanishCHR KLJA 1.7-2.4-3.1, for the market’s big swing +1.4, co-owned RegMexican KLQB 2.7-2.4-2.2 and Genuine Austin Radio with two HD channels SpanishContempChristian KTXX-HD3 at 1.9 and RegMexican KTXX-HD2 at 1.6. Genuine Austin completes their cluster with #3 Country KOKE/F, also 1.9. Entercom ETM lists 4 stations ModA/C KAMX 4.5-4.1-4.7, A/C KKMJ/F 4.3-3.9-3.1, for the other way swing -1.2, UrbanA/C KKMJ-HD3 2.5-2.8-2.8 and Talk KJCE .3. The News/Talk race includes EMMS KLBJ 4.3-4.4-3.8 and University of Texas Austin 4.1-3.8-3.8. UTA combos AdultAlternative KUTX at 1.3. Rounding out EMMS are Rock KLBJ/F – put into trust when the original owner was put into the White House – up 3.7-4.2-4.5, ModRock KROX 3.9-4.0-4.1 and AdultAlt KGSR 2.5-2.8-2.8. CCU dispenses RymCHR on KPEZ 5.3-4.7-4.2 and AdultAlt KVET-HD2 for .2. This is the first market heard with numbers from 4 HD signals. Market Shares: EMMS 28.7, CCU 23.8, ETM 10.9, Uivision 5.3, Genuine Austin 5.2, U.Texas Austin 5.1.

38. MILWAUKEE, WI. 1,474,500. EthnicComp Black 16%, Hispanic 9%. 18 subscribe, 19 do not (DNS). 49%. CCU Country WMIL/F has the big swing +1.5 and the Double #1 win for Share 9.0-10.2-10.5 and Cume 510,600. Journal – to be Scripps – News/Talk WTMJ ranks 2nd 9.4-8.8-9.2. CCU ClassicHits WRIT is #3 holding 6.5-7.1-7.1. ETM is 4th and tied for 5th as ModA/C WMYX is 5.6-6.1-5.9 and CHR WXSS 4.6-4.5-4.9 equals Milwaukee Radio Alliance ModRock WLUM 4.6-4.9-4.9. Notes: CCU has the #2 Talk WISN 5.1-5.2-4.6, U.Wisconsin WUWM takes 3rd in the format 3.2-2.7-2.4, Wisconsin Public N/T WHAD holds 1.4. Credit CCU with UrbanContemp WKKV 5.0-4.2-4.0, CHR WRNW 3.2-3.1-3.1 and Sports WOKY .1. ETM Sports WSSP is a 1.0 and Good Karma’s Sports combo DNS. Milwaukee Radio Alliance, connected with Times-Shamrock, PA. includes A/C WLDB 3.7-4.0-3.8 and AdultStandards WZTI .7. Also below the line are non subscribers Bliss Communications with 2 AM/FM combos and Saga Communications 5 HQ market stations. Shares: CCU 29.4, Journal 18.9, ETM 11.8, Milwaukee Radio Alliance 9.4.

40. INDIANAPOLIS, IN. 1,429,100. See You September 10 for what promises to be a great NAB/RAB Radio Convention! EC: Black 16%, Hispanic 6%. 25 of 40 stations subscribe to Nielsen 59% Cumulus CMLS Classic Hits WJJK is #1 6.3-6.0-7.6 with the big swing +1.3 on 3rd cume, ETM CHR WZPL also jumps 6.1-6.5-7.3, HomeMarket EMMS SoftA/C WYXB is #3 6.4-6.3-7.2 and #1 Cume 411,000. Radio One (ROI) UrbanA/C WTLC is 4th 6.9-7.3-6.7 and EMMS Country WLHK ranks 5th 5.5-5.6-6.5. Notes: CMLS has 2nd Country WFMS 6.3-5.8-5.7 and CHR WRWM at 1.9. CCU airs ClassicRock WFBQ 5.9-5.9-5.3 and ModRock WOLT 3.7-3.9-3.8. ETM has the other market swing -.9 on HotA/C WNTR (good sales hook) 5.0-4.2-4.1 and Radio One clusters RymCHR WHHH 5.7-5.5-5.1, CHR WNOW/F 3.5-3.9-3.8 and Gospel WTLC 2.0-2.2-2.3. EMMS has 2 sports stations WFNI 1.6, WIBC-HD2 1.2, and one Sports each for CCU WNDE .4 ETM WNXT .2. Shares: EMMS 20.2, ROI 17.9, CMLS 15.2, ETM 11.6.

42. PROVIDENCE 1,381,000. EC: Hispanic 10%, Black 5%. 16 of 28 stations subscribe 57%. #1 Share & #1 Cume go to CMLS CHR WPRO/F 8.9-9.6-9.8 and 520,100. Hall Communications Country WCTK jumps into 2nd place with a +1.6 big swing. CCU takes 3rd & 4th on ClassicHits WWBB 7.7-7.8-8.3 and Rock WHJY 6.8-7.3-6.8. 5th share is CMLS WWLI tied for the other swing 7.8-6.5-6.8 and -1.0. Notes: CCU HotA/C WSNE rises 5.7-6.0-6.2, ETM has stand-alone Sports WVEI from Boston’s WEEI and off -1.0 4.3-4.0-3.3. CMLS News/Talk WPRO/WEAN inches up 4.8-4.9-5.0, N/T WGBH is heard from their big stick south of Boston 1.6, RI Public Radio WELH/WRNI .7, CCU WHJJ also .7 and CMLS Talk WPRV .3. Bryant University Radio supplies Classical .4 and a very consistent Davidson Media Tropical WKKB/F 2.4-2.4-2.4. Shares: CMLS 25.1, CCU 22.0, Hall 8.9

43. RALEIGH-DURHAM, NC. 1,377,700. EC. Black 23%, Hispanic10%. 24 of 40 stations subscribe, 60% Curtis Media Group Country WQDR/F adds to its #1 Share 10.8-10.7-11.1 on the 4th market cume. Capitol Broadcast A/C WRAL has the #1 cume 483,600 and 2nd place share 7.9-7.4-7.8, University of No. Carolina Chapel Hill News/Talk WUNC holds 3rd 7.3-7.0-7.2, CCU CHR WDCQ grows into 4th 5.4-5.9-6.3 moving +.9 and Curtis Media Adult Hits WBBB is a steady 6.1-6.0-6.2. Notes: Radio One dips on it’s three station cluster with UrbanA/C WFXC/WFXK 6.4-6.0-6.0, UrbanContemp WQOK 6.7-5.1-5.3 for the -1.4 swing and Gospel WNNL 4.6-4.7-4.1. CCU clusters Classic Rock WRDU 4.4-5.1-4.4 followed by the +.9 swing from CHR WKSL 3.3-4.0-4.2, ModRock WDCG-HD2 at 2.5-2.5-2.7 and Talk WTKK 2.1-2.1-2.4. Curtis Media also has News/Talk WPTF 2.0, Talk WPTK .6, Comedy WFNL .3, the market’s 3rd CHR WPLW/WWPL 3.6-3.9-4.0. Curtis RegMexican WYMY 2.5-2.5-2.6 has and the identical trend with Capitol Broadcasting Sports WCMC/F 2.5-2.5-2.6, Capitol Sports WDNC .3 and SpanishSports WCLY .1. Educational Information Corp is the exclusive Classic provider with the WCPE quatrocast with WBUX/WURI/WZPE is 2.5-2.5-2.1. Radio Training Net ads ContempChristian WRPT 1.6-1.5-1.0. Shares: Curtis 26.8, CCU 20.0, Capitol Broadcasting 10.8, University No. Carolina 7.2

44. NORFLOK-VIRGINIA   BEACH, VA. 1,358.100. Black 32%, Hispanic 5%. Just 14 subscribers; 21 DNS. 40%. Entercom on top #1 Share -#2 Cume Urban A/C WVKL 12.2-12.1-12.5. CCU UrbanContemp WOWI grows to 3rd 7.2-7.5-7.6, Max Broadcast Group Country WGH/F up 5.4-6.3-6.3 and Max ClassicHits WVBW 5.9-5.1-4.9 ties for 4th share with ETM ModA/C WPTE 4.9-5.3-4.9. Notes: ETM RymCHR WNVZ is #1 Cume 375,600 but slips to #6 share 5.4-4.7-4.5, ETM A/CWWDE MktExclu A/C 5.0-4.3-4.0, CCU jumps with a big swing +1.4 for RymA/C 2.7-3.5-4.4, 2nd CHR WNOH 1.9-2.1-2.1 and Urban WKSA 1.7. Max Broadcast also has Urban A/C WGH 2.0, Sports WVSP/F 2.1 and the markets top CHR WVHT 3.8-3.7-4.3. No Classical nor Jazz in the market and comparisons get difficult with the 5 Sinclair Telecable stations and 3 from Saga Communications below the line. Shares: ETM 25.9, Max Broadcast 19.6, CCU 15.8.

45. NASHVILLE, TN. 1,285,500. Black 16%, Hispanic 6%. South Central Communiciations, on its way to Midwest Family, takes the Double #1 Share / Cume Win, 10.5-9.6-9.4 and 456,100. CCU takes the next 4 slots with CHR WRVW 8.2-8.0-8.0, UrbanContemp WUBT 7.2-7.1-7.8, Classic Rock WNRQ 5.7-6.2-6.4 and Country WSIZ/F 6.6-7.6-6.3 ties for 5th share with South Central AdultHits 6.2-5.7-6.3. Notes: CMLS has every ranker 6th to 14 with two exceptions. CMLS brings UrbanContemp WQQK 7.2-7.0-6.2, a pair of Country formats tied with WKDE 5.2-5.1-5.0 and WSM/F growing 4.0-4.9-5.0, Sports WGFX holds 4.7-4.5-4.6. Nashville Public Radio News/Talk is 3.3-3.4.1 and NPR Classical WFCL 1.3. CCU News/Talk WLAC 1.9, WAYM ContempChristian WAYM and Ryman Hospitality Properties Original Grand Ol’ Legend Traditional Country WSM 2.9-2.6-2.8. Cromwell Group combines Sports WPRT and WQZQ at 1.1 and Gospel WPRT-HD2 shows .6. Salem has three DNS FM Christian stions. Shares: CCU 30.4, CMLS 25.9, SouthCentral 15.7, Cromwell Group 5.3, Nashville Public 4.7

46. GREENSBORO-WINSTON/SALEM, N.C 1,219,700 Black 22%, Hispanic 8%. Entercom has 4 of the top 5, including #1 Share UrbanA/C WQMG 10.7-10.4-9.5 with just the market’s 8th cume, AdultHits WSMW #1 Cume 450,400, 8.7-7.7-6.6, 4th share Country WPAW up 7.8-7.9-8.2 and 5th RymCHR WJMH 9.6-9.1-7.9 for the -1.7 swing. CCU takes 3rd with Country WTQR 6.9-7.5-8.3 also a big swing at 1.4. Dick Broadcasting has consistent combo in CHR WKZL 5.8-6.1-6.1 and ClassicRock WKRB 5.7-5.9-5.8. CCU completes its package with A/C WMAQ 6.9-7.5-6.6, CHR WMKS 4.3-4.2-4.9. Mod Rock WVBZ 2.1-2.5-2.1 and leading Talk WPTI 4.3-4.2-4.9. N/T competition is from Wake Forest WFDD 2.3 and U. North Carolina’s WUNC 1.0 Curtis has 5 stations led by RegMexican WSJS totaling 2.4. Non Subs include 5 Truth Broadcasting stations and 3 from Davison Media. Shares: ETM 34.3, CCU 24.5, Dick Broadcasting 11.9.

48. WEST PALM BEACH-BOCCA RATON, FL. 1,163,200. Hispanic 19%, Black 17%. CCU and Dean Goodman’s Digity Media carves up the race in a photo finish. CCU takes #1 Share Classic Hits WOLL 6.0-7.4-7.4, 2nd place cume and +1.4 big swing. 3rd share is CCU Classic Rock WKGR 5.7-5.8-5.6. Digity has #1 Cume HotA/C WRMF 381,700, #2 share 7.7-7.7-7.1 Country WIRK 4th share 4.3-4.2-5.2, #5 UrbanA/C WMBX inches 4.1-4.3-4.4 and A/C WEAT 4.5-4.5-4.3. Notes: CCU CHR WLDI gains 3.6-3.7-3.8, SpanishHits WRLX 3.1-3.1-2.8 ties with WAY ContempChristian WAYF 3.1-3.1-2.8. News/Talk is won by Dade Country School Board WRLN/WKW 2.4-2.2-2.3. Connecticut’s Dick Robinson Entertainment just launched Adult Standards Legends WLML/F. Shares: CCU 21.3, Digity 21.

49. JACKSONVILLE, FL. 1,156,700. Black 21%, Hispanic 7%. Renda Broadcasting is back on the subscriber list and taking The Double #1 Win with Soft A/C WEJZ Share 9.0-9.2-8.9 and #1 Cume 435,500. Cox Media Group follows in 2nd & 3rd with CHR WAPE 7.4-7.2-7.3 and Country WJGJ 7.6-6.8-6.8. CCU has #4 and #5 share rank from Country WQIK/F 6.1-5.9-5.9 and UrbanContemp WJBT 5.3-5.6-5.6. Notes: Renda has #2 Country WGNE/F with the +1.0 big swing 4.5-5.4-5.5 and expands Gator Country into Georgia with WMUV 2.3-2.5-2.1. Cox tops News/Talk with WOKV/F 5.1-5.4-4.9, ModRock WXXJ 4.9-5.3-4.8, Urban A/C WHJX with a -1.9 swing 5.9-4.8-4.0 and UrbanContemp WJGL-HD2 3.6-3.6-3.7. CCU has MktExclu CHR WKSL 5.1-5.5-4.8, Adult Hits WWJK 4.5-4.0-4.4, UrbanA/C WSOL/F 3.9-4.1-3.6, Rock WKSL-HD2 .8 and Sports WFXJ .4. WJCT/F is stand-alione N/T 3.2-3.0-3.0. Shares: Cox 31.2, CCU 25.5, Renda 16.5.

51. MEMPHIS, TN. 1,104,200. 45% Black, 5% Hispanic. 25 stations show top line 6+ shares while 22 do not. 53%. This is a 1-2-3 Win for a CCU as UrbanA/C WJMS takes #1 Share and 2nd place cume 8.5-8.9-9.2 , Gospel WHAL 8.1-7.6-8.2, UrbanContemp WHRK 8.8-8.6-7.9 with #1 Cume 338,700 by the proverbial hair; 8th share ETM A/C WRVR (1961 original NYC calls) at 338,500 and a -1.0 market swing. 4th share is CMLS R&BOldies WRBQ 7.8-7.8-7.6 and 5th share for CMLS Country WGKX 6.3-6.0-7.4 with the +1.1 swing. Notes: CMLS rounds off their cluster with Classic Rock WXMX 3.6-3.9-3.6 topping CCU Classic Rock WEGR 2.0-2.1-2.1. ETM Classic Hits WKQK goes 3.8-4.1-3.5 and ETM leads the Sports match WMFS/F 2.5-2.1-2.3 plus WMC .3 vs. Finn Broadcasting WHBQ/WPGF-L .7. Finn does well musically with MktExclu RymCHR KXHT 5.2-5.5-5.0 and top CHR WHBQ/F at a steady 2.2. N/T isn’t a big event with CCU WREC 1.8 and CMLS WKIM .8. MidSouthPacific Classical WKNO/F-WKNP moves to 1.5 and you gotta love the name of 4 station Mighty Media Group with Country/Classic Country/Adults Hits totaling 2.8. Shares: CCU 36.4, ETM 16.8, CMLS 12.0.

52. HARTFORD, CT. 1,072,700. Hispanic 13%, Black 11%. Subscribers are 13 & 13 for 50%. Hartford’s always been known as an “under radio’d” market. CBS RADIO Wins Shares #1, 2 and 4 with continuous SoftA/C winner WRCH 9.0-8.7-8.9 also scoring #1 Cume 384,000. Hot A/C WTIC/F jumps back up 6.4-7.3-8.1 and iconic 50kw 1080 News/Talk WTIC 6.9-6.5-7.1. CCU also claims top spots with 3rd place Country WWYZ 8.2-8.0-7.5 and CHR WKSS tied with WTIC/A at 4th 6.9-6.7-7.1 Notes: CBS completes their cluster with RymCHR WZMX 6.9-6.7-6.9. CCU has ClassicHits WHCN 5.8-6.0-6.2 and Sports WPOP .2. There’s a lot of personal Hartford nostalgia from my on-air starting August ’67 at A/C WCCC, University of Hartford 3kw WWUH, Top40 WPOP, NBC TV/30, RKO TV/18 and first client Merv Griffin‘s A/C WIOF ’83. This summer’s hearing BIG changes in longtime local ownership:. WCCC (ElektraRecords, Sy Dresner, Marlin Broadcasting) just announced the end of an era change from Rock to Classic Rock WCCC 4.8-4.2-3.8 & 4th cume to EMF ChristianLove. Earlier, Jeff Warshaw’s Connoisseur Media expanded their Connecticut Empire by closing on always admired Rick Buckley‘s WDRC. Classic Hits DRC/FM is 5.2-6.4-5.3 while the 4 station DRC/AM Talk network led by The Original Hartford Big D 1360 plus Meriden, Waterbury and Torrington is .8-.8-.7. The market’s News/Talk comes from non-comms Connecticut Educational WNPR quadcast 3.9-3.7-3.1 and UMass Amherst WFCR 1.8-1.6-1.5. Shares: CBS 31.0, CCU 21.0, Connoisseur 6.0.

So, we have some weekend and 2nd half August reflection on the latest PPM markets. Radio IS everywhere, wireless and free and connecting with more people, more ways, more often. If BMW drops AM radio, I’m never buying one! IMHO, the “New All Channel” push will have pre-sets for everything, improved positioning for digital AM, web stations, HD. It’s the programming that delivers the dollars. It’s still All Audio – originated by Radio. And, album covers, digital photography and U-Tube will be welcome by our crowd. Let’s just keep working to improve Content, Connection and Communicating Our Storied, Sustained Strength. Radio / Audio delivers for business, the economy, local service, entertainment, information and Gets The Winning VOTE!

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