Judiciary moves SHVURA, delays shield


The debate over the massive health care package in the Senate Finance Committee managed to rob the Senate Judiciary Committee of the presence of a number of senators belonging to both. However, a satellite bill did make it through.

The Freedom of Information Act would give reporters the right to protect anonymous sources. It’s a right they enjoy in numerous states but not at the federal level. For the second week in a row committee Chair Patrick Leahy (D-VT) was compelled to hold the matter for future consideration. He’s looking to deal with it ASAP.

The committee did get through its version of SHVURA. As in the House, amendments concerning the importation of distant signals to so-called orphan counties – those located in a DMA that crosses state lines and placing them in a different state than the main population center of the DMA, was table to allow a clean bill to be passed. The committee recommended the bill to the full Senate.