Best Practices On Being Known For Social Good


In this guest RBR + TVBR Intelligence Briefing from Karla Jo Helms, the head of a public relations firm, how the media can restore goodwill back into the graces of public opinion is tackled. The author calls on her firsthand experience of protecting revenue erosion while mastering the keys for “CSR for the Broadcast Industry.” Don’t know what “CSR” is? You should, making this important reading to everyone in your company’s C-Suite.


By Karla Jo Helms

When journalism competes with infotainment, and sours the industry’s reputation, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) can mean big business for the broadcast industry.

With all the negative media hype, biased reporting and “agendas” the press has come under scrutiny for during this recent U.S. presidential election, it would behoove the Radio and Television industry to differentiate themselves, quickly, to retain market share.

Realize that people, in the main stream, are intrinsically decent and moral; while sex, money, harm, controversy, opposing forces and the like may “sell,” too much of it generates ill will beyond the ability to easily repair.

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