Jobs guru sees slow healing in 2010


CareerBuilder has its 2010 employment market forecast set to go, and although it does not see a headlong rush back to full employment, it is picking up signs of growth, and just as important, a stemming of the tide of job loss.

20% of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder say they plan on increasing their workforce in 2010, up from 14% at this time last year. One the flip side, only 9% are expecting to downsize staffing, a significant decrease from 16% who were looking to reduce staff in 2009. 61% expect to remain about the same, and 10% aren’t sure.

CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson said that we’ll have to wait a bit for the increases to kick in.

“There have been many signs over the past few months that point to the healing of the U.S. economy, especially the continued decrease in the number of jobs lost per month, a trend that will hopefully carry over into the new year,” said Ferguson. “We’re headed in the right direction but should not expect to see actual job growth until at least Q2 2010.”

The West will lead the way, with 24% of respondents there expecting to grow, followed by the Northeast (21%), the South (20%) and the Midwest (16%).

All regions are expecting a decrease in job-cutting companies, with only the Northeast getting into double digits, and just barely, with a 10% response.

RBR-TVBR observation: An abundance of work is both a sign of a healthy economy, and it also provides the secure, happy, cash-spending consumers necessary to sustain a healthy economy. Broadcast prospects will rise with every incremental drop in the unemployment rate.

But the current new trend to some is many new employees joining the work force will have to put some skin in the game. Meaning, many are hiring sales executives for a minimum but with a stronger commission structure. Same with other job titles and more will be based on performance model than just a pay check model.