January one of two good times to buy an appliance


For SaleThe holidays are over, and it is a notoriously bad time to be trying to sell merchandise, particularly big-ticket merchandise. That’s why one consumer advisory suggests now is a great time to find a deal. And there’s another great time coming up later in the year.

The advisory is viewpoints.com, and it quoted NerdWallet’s Matt Ong about the appliance retail climate currently in effect. “January is a notoriously slow month for retailers across the board, and the need to push sales this month, combined with the quickly diminishing value of anything left over, prompts retailers to hold sales and also be willing to bargain to close a sale,” said Ong.

But the fall season can be an even better time for consumers to find deals, as retailers try to clear inventory ahead of new model introductions.

Some appliances deviate from this schedule, however. Andrew Schrage of website Money Crashers mentioned air conditioners and refrigerators, which he said should be purchased in winter and spring, respectively.  He made a few other suggestions as well. “For instance, if you shop earlier in the week when stores have fewer shoppers, you can receive better service. You certainly don’t want to invest a lot of money in a new appliance without making an informed decision.”

RBR-TVBR observation: If this is a great time to buy an appliance, it is also a great time to run an ad letting consumers far and wide know that your store it the place to make the purchase. Broadcasters, we think you know what to do with this piece of information.

We note that it may be a little late to take maximum advantage of this bit of intelligence in January, but there is more than enough time to plot strategies to get appliance retailers booked early and often when September, October and November roll around.