Irene blows LPFM proceeding into the future


An unknown number of interested parties may have been interested in filing comments on the FCC’s proposal to handle the distribution and licensing of LPFM and FM translator facilities, only to find themselves dodging Hurricane Irene rather than timely filing their remarks. The FCC is offering a deadline extension.

The title of the proceeding is one is strictly in the bureaucratic style, which is the opposite of the style furthered by William Shakespeare in Hamlet, which holds that “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Shakespeare’s advice goes unheeded in the title of this proceeding: “Third Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making in the Matter of Creation of a Low Power Radio Service; Amendment of Service and Eligibility Rules for FM Broadcast Translator Stations.”

The deadline for comments was originally on the day this is being written, 8/29/11, with reply comments due 9/12/11.

The FCC has added about a week’s worth of time to that, to accommodate those whose communications systems may have gone down and prevented posting remarks. The new deadlines are 9/6/11 and 9/20/11.