Internet fairness group adds members


InternetEight organizations have joined the Internet Radio Fairness Coalition in advance of the first congressional hearing on the Internet Radio Fairness Act. IRFC’s membership is drawn from multiple audio platforms, including broadcast organizations.

Four of the new members are internet platforms, including, Musera Radio, Pearadio, and Senzari. The other four are organizations with a connection to the business, including Digital Sound & Video, Mark Ramsey Media, Triton Digital and TruLocal Media.

The goal of the organization is to bring internet streaming royalties in line with those paid by other digital media, particularly satellite and cable outlets. It is a goal opposed by musicians, who feel that evening the playing field this way comes at their expense in the form of lower internet royalties.

“We’re very pleased to welcome these new members to the Coalition as we work together for passage of the Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA) and the development of a sustainable Internet radio marketplace,” said Kurt Hanson of AccuRadio.

Four of the new members weighed in:

“The future of radio is here in the form of Internet streaming radio services like Senzari, and the copyright laws need to reflect this change,” said Bill Hajjar, CEO of Senzari. “We believe that a clear and fair licensing structure is necessary to ensure continued investment in the development of the innovative music products that our consumers demand from us.”

“Good copyright policy requires a keen balancing act. It should not include ill-conceived double standards that ultimately favor one party over another,” said David Hill of Pearadio. “After twelve years of royalty rate hearings which require congressional intervention, stop-gap legislation and never-ending separate group negotiations clearly demonstrates that the current statutory standard for internet radio is anything but workable.”

 “We are a small minority-owned business. Online radio has leveled the playing field for companies like ours and it’s vital that this medium is allowed to grow,” said Darvio E. Morrow, CEO of Musera Radio. “It can’t grow with draconian, 20th century regulations weighing it down. The IRFA is a pro-small business bill and we need it passed.”

 “Passage of the Internet Radio Fairness Act will enable us to create an open and accessible digital marketplace that will make it possible for companies like TruLocal Media to develop new and innovative ways of delivering music to the public, ensuring the future of broadcasting online,” said Paul Saunders, president and founder of TruLocal Media. “The only outcome will be an increase in the growth and development of the Internet radio industry.”

Other members include:
* 977 Music
* AccuRadio
* Clear Channel Media and Entertainment
* Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA)
* Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)
* Digital Media Association (DiMA), Digitally Imported
* Engine Advocacy
* National Religious Broadcasters Music License Committee (NRBMLC)
* Pandora (NYSE: P)
* Radio Paradise
* Salem Communications
* Small Webcaster Alliance (SWA).