Inovonics Retires the 222 AM Processor


After a 30-year production run, the end-of-life for Inovonics’ 222 AM Broadcast Processor has been set.

The Model 222 was launched in 1987 and designed to make AM stations compliant with the US NRSC II standard.

The Model 222 has gone on to find its place in International MW, Shortwave, SCA, LPAM, LPFM and many other broadcast applications.

Recognizing the continued demand for AM procesors, Inovonics has developed two replacement models: the NOVIA 236 AM Processor and the INOmini 223 Multimode Audio Processor.

“It’s exciting to think that the Model 222 has been manufactured continuously for 30 years without a major design change,” Inovonics President/CEO Ben Barber said.

The NOVIA 236 is a DSP-based 3 band audio processor expressly tailored for medium-wave monaural AM broadcasting. Its IP interface allows 2-way program streaming, plus total remote control of the NOVIA 236 using any PC or mobile device. SNMP operation is fully supported; connectors include Analog, AES-digital, and streaming in/outs.