I don't think we're in Ohio any more


When we see cities like Cleveland and Dayton on a multi-station transaction list, we’re thinking Buckeyes. But Volunteers would be more appropriate for a deal combining AMs in these two Tennessee towns with an AM-FM combo in Spring City. The stations are WBAC-AM Cleveland TN, WDNT-AM Dayton TN, WXQK-AM Spring City TN and WAYA-FM, also from Spring City. J.L. Brewer Broadcasting of Cleveland is selling the quartet to Paul Fink’s East Tennessee Radio Group. The ultimate purchase price is 2.7M, and an LMA was scheduled to kick off 12/1/07.

None of the AM stations overlap, so the cluster is a collection of AM-FM combos, and even that will undergo a shift. WAYA-FM is moving a few miles south to Decatur TN, and will at all times overlap WDNT. As a Spring City station it overlaps WXQK-AM, but that overlap will cease when it moves to Decatur, at which point it will overlap WBAC-AM in Cleveland.