Hispanic media watchdog wants FCC to collect employment data


The National Hispanic Media Coalition says it used to be able to study the level of Hispanic employment at US broadcast outlets, thanks to the FCC’s Form 395 EEO collection from broadcast licensees. NHMC wants the data collected once again, and made available to the public.

“The public as well as the FCC and Congress need access to Form 395 data,” said NHMC’s Jessica J. Gonzalez. “In the past NHMC used form 395-B data to create a detailed and informative report on Latino employment in New York City’s television industry. The report found that Latino employment decreased despite an increase in New York’s Latino population. But ever since the FCC stopped collecting employment data, NHMC has not been able to do this type of analysis.”

Gonzalez added, “We have been missing this data for years now, and I hope that the Media Bureau seizes this opportunity to end what has been an unreasonable delay in reinstating EEO reporting.”