Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Jünger!


That’s German for Happy Birthday, and the greetings goes out to a worldwide audio brand that sees exclusive U.S. distribution of its products by Telos Alliance.

Jünger Audio is officially celebrating its 30th anniversary, and Telos is acknowledging the achievement.

“We are honored to offer Jünger Audio products, and will continue to seamlessly work with woks audio GmbH to offer enhancements for existing solutions and new products to supplement the Jünger Audio portfolio and its ongoing growth,” Marty Sacks, Executive VP of Sales, Support, and Marketing at Telos Alliance, says.

Founded by Herbert and Irmgard Jünger, what started as a small family business 30 years ago has evolved into a global audio brand devoted to audio processing in TV and radio broadcast, production and streaming.

Jünger’s path to global success was not neatly paved, and required persistence through tough times to stay competitive with the larger international players. T

In 2019, the Jünger Audio brand changed ownership and is now run by the woks audio GmbH, founded by four original team members.

Woks audio struck a strategic partnership with Telos Alliance.

— Weekly Tech Roundup European Desk, in Kaiserslautern, Germany.