Greg Walden heats up the griddle for more FCC action


There are two bills pending in the House Energy and Commerce Committee that have been forwarded by the Communications Subcommittee for full committee markup – an act that seems imminent. Now Communications Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR) is putting the FCC right back on the stove on 2/16/12. The topic: The FCC budget and how it is used.

The hearing is entitled The Budget and Spending of the Federal Communications Commission.” At this point, details are sparse – no announced witnesses, for instance. However we do know that it will be kick off at 9AM eastern.

Committee member staffers will assemble the preceding afternoon for a bipartisan briefing and will then immediately split up for party-member only briefings.

Here’s one of the advantages of being the majority party – Republican staffers will be able to stay put in the room where the bipartisan briefing is being held. The Democrats will have to move to a different space.

RBR-TVBR observation: OK, everybody out there who believes that the FCC is a rogue agency, raise your hands. Our opinion: It’s an agency that invariably gets caught in politically-controversial policy issues, so it always is and always is not a rogue agency.

When George W. Bush was in the White House, a lot of Democrats thought it was a rogue agency and fell in love with then-minority Commissioner Michael Copps. Now that Barack Obama is in the White House a lot of Republicans think it is a rogue agency and are in love with minority Commissioner Robert McDowell.

Thus it always has been, thus it is now, and thus it shall always be – only the names will change.