Garth Brooks joins Blair Garner on “America’s Morning Show”


Americas-Morning-Show“America’s Morning Show” host Blair Garner got to chat (7/11) in-studio with  Garth Brooks to have a personal chat about some big announcements including his expected comeback, a new album and world tour, and partnership with Sony Music’s RCA Nashville. 

Also on the show Brad Paisley got real with Terri Clark and Chuck Wicks and gave some good insight into how this Sunday’s Duel Competitions will work on ABC’s Rising Star.


In the interview, Garth told Garner and the “America’s Morning Show” audience: “I didn’t believe I’d be smiling like this.  I feel like a five year old kid again.”

Garth also shared that he’s “scared” during yesterday’s press conference. Blair asked why, to which Garth responded: “Pretty scared to death ‘cause things change… It’s a wild ride to be on.  I got out of the business without somebody throwing me out.  At some point, that’s gotta happen.  That’s what makes it fun, but that’s what makes it scary.”

Garth’s music will be available Digitally for the first time and only at< Blair asked him why, to which Garth responded: “It’s a David vs. Goliath kind of thing. We’re in it for quality. And if that quality leads to quantity, we’re doubly blessed.”

Said Blair: “Never has Country Radio had a better friend than the one it has in Garth Brooks.  He never forgets to include us.  When he invited America’s Morning Show to be a part of the day, there was no way we were going to miss it.  Our candid interview with him covered the gamut — details of his conversations with Trisha Yearwood about the comeback — plans for his selling Garth music for the first time on a digital platform — even his thoughts on how some songs have crossed over to different formats, and how he feels about that.  It was all exclusive content that had our listeners going crazy this morning.  Yes, the fever is at an all-time high.  We are ready to welcome back the big G!”