FTC shoots down another scammer


The advertising medium of choice for Zoilo Cruz’s International Marketing, but false advertising is false advertising, so we hereby note that the company has been busted by the Federal Trade Commission. Its modus operandi is the old at-home envelope stuffing scheme. Marks are told they can make up to $1.4K weekly in this pursuit for stuffing a mere 80 envelopes — $17.50 to $28 per envelope. All they have to do is send in $37 to get the necessary materials. The materials turn out to be a pamphlet instructing the mark how to dupe others with the same scheme. The twist here is that Cruz was operating in Spanish.There may have been a time. A second company operating a similar scheme was also busted, facing a settlement that could run over $1.28M.

RBR/TVBR observation: The twist here is that the scams were being operated in Spanish. There may have been a time when schemes conducted in a language other than English, or incidents of broadcast indecency aired in some other language, would skate due to regulator’s lack of fluency. But for Spanish-speaking violators, at any rate, those days seem to be over.