Fresh From NAB 2023: A Next Generation Transmitter Platform


LAS VEGAS — With a West Hall expo booth enjoying healthy attendee traffic, Elenos Group representatives at the 2023 NAB Show showed off its Quick Block Next Generation Transmitter Platform.

Its big selling point: a “unique and completely new modular approach.”

Quick Block transmitters feature a set of common building blocks, Elenos says. That makes it possible to configure a transmitter from 1kw to an infinite output power in any format — FM, HD Radio, DRM+ — and with a wide range of redundancy solutions, such as dual drive, single drive, 1+1, N+1, or reserve modules.

“The unique building blocks of amplifier module and drive module are small, light, and hot-swappable sliding into a 3U chassis that can handle 5 ‘Quick Blocks’ for up to 5 kW nominal power, which can then be built in steps to create an almost infinite power range,” marketing literature shared by Elenos notes. “Add more for more redundancy, add more for more power, add features and format — it is as simple as getting online and designing your transmitter with the new configurator software.

Quick Block has also integrated Elenos Group’s latest-generation ProTelevision(PTV) exciter.

“Each Quick Block offers a completely independent power source and control system ensuring the transmitter remains on the air at near full power should any single module be
removed, unlike competitive transmitters that typically use larger PA modules and yield a much greater reduction in RF power,” Elenos notes.

Leonardo Busi, Founder and CEO of Elenos Group, comments, “We are committed helping
customers with creative solutions to simplify their operations, powered by our significant investment in technology, innovation, and people. QuickBlock is the culmination of over 5 years of development by engineers operating across multiple continents with over 200 years of combined experience to deliver a unique and worldclass transmission solution.”