FRC Action PAC launches radio campaign


The FRC Action PAC launched (9/10) a radio campaign targeting New Hampshire Republican Congressional candidate Charlie Bass for his deficit spending and pro-abortion voting record. The ad challenges Bass’s attempt to portray himself as more conservative than the other candidates in the race. The ad will run through next week’s election on eight radio stations including WKX, WSMN, WMOU, WLTN, WSNI, WINQ, WKNE and WKBK.

The narrator asks, “Did you hear Charlie Bass is trying to pass himself off as a conservative to get back to Washington?”

“You mean the same Charlie Bass who voted to run up massive deficits when his party controlled Congress?” responds the second narrator. 

“Yeah, and he’s no friend of the family. His pro-abortion votes are too numerous to mention.  Sorry, Charlie, but only true conservatives get my vote.

“Jennifer Horn is a hard working, common sense conservative who offers a fresh perspective on the problems plaguing Washington.  I’m voting for her,” the ad concludes. 

FRC Action is the legislative advocacy arm of the Family Research Council, a 501(c)(3) organization.