Focus 360


Here’s a nice PDF to take a look at: It illustrates the combined market and market strength of Focus360’s Hispanic Radio Network (HRN) and Univision (see PDF attachment at top right). Note in L.A. the combination delivers 21 HRN and six Univision stations delivering an 18-49 GRP of 7.7; and AQH of 304,900. The national delivery GRP is 4.3; AQH is 1,054,600. 50% +4 week Reach and Frequency. These numbers continually change based on affiliate revisions.

Today, this is how many national advertisers purchase Hispanic Radio Network, HRN President Dave Logan tells us. “Incidentally, these are changes that have taken place since the first of the year. HRN since January has added most of the major Hispanic station groups to its network.  There are a few groups remaining and they will probably affiliate with HRN sometime during 2011.  The reason for this growth: HRN shares 91% of its revenue with its stations/partners.”

“This is positive news for the radio medium,” says Logan. “Radio is very relevant as it effectively delivers the fastest growing segment of the US population. The 2010 Census data will show Hispanic Women 18-34 with children to be the fastest-growing and most targeted demo for national retailers.”