FM Auction 93 approaching the runway


There are 119 potential FM stations on the FCC’s shelves, and as of now, there are 111 qualified bidders. 32 more applicants can also join the fun but will have to reconcile incomplete applications. Kickoff is Tuesday, 3/27/12.

In case anybody is wondering, complete applications for a participating bidder are not as rigorous as the application for a winning bidder. The FCC explained, “Designation of an application as complete indicates the applicant has provided the certifications and basic information concerning its qualifications as required by the Commission’s competitive bidding rules for participation in the auction. Under the Commission’s two-phased auction application process, a winning bidder must submit a long-form application after the close of the auction to demonstrate its qualifications to hold a Commission construction permit or license and, if a bidding credit is requested, its eligibility for the bidding credit requested. Thus, a determination that a short-form application is complete and complies with the Commission’s competitive bidding rules and policies is not determinative of an applicant’s qualifications to hold a license or of entitlement to a bidding credit. In the event that an applicant is found unqualified to be a Commission permittee or licensee or is ineligible for claimed designated entity benefits, it will be liable for any obligations incurred as a result of its participation in the auction.”

Upfront payments are due 2/22/12.

The FCC also cautions that it is up to the bidders to conduct due diligence on the allotments they are interested in prior to offering a bid. The FCC makes no representations as to the value of any one of them.
Those seeking bidding credits should have done so by 1/12/12; the FCC cautions that if there has been any change in the status of such an individual – such as they came into possession of an FCC license and are no longer eligible for a certain level of credit or any credit at all – it is to be reported immediately.