Flood relief efforts for broadcasters in Tennessee


The Broadcasters Foundation of America has teamed up with the Tennessee Association of Broadcasters (TAB) to deliver emergency aid to local broadcasters and their families who have been affected by the torrential floods that recently hit the area.

“In a situation like the one we have here in Tennessee, people need assistance immediately,” observed Whit Adamson, President, TAB.  “When Jim [Thompson] called me about this, I knew there were broadcasters who needed help right away and that the Broadcasters Foundation of America would provide it quickly.”

The Broadcasters Foundation has supplied urgent assistance in similar situations, most notably distributing $250,000 in emergency aid to broadcasters in critical need after Hurricane Katrina battered the Gulf Coast region.

“The Broadcasters Foundation has a special process for emergency aid that is designed specifically for time-sensitive circumstances,” explained Thompson, President of the Broadcasters Foundation of America.  “When disasters like the Tennessee floods or Hurricane Katrina strike, the Broadcasters Foundation can approve and deliver an emergency grant expeditiously, sometimes in just a few days,” he noted.