File under busted


A pair of public file violations pending since the summer of 2005 have been dispatched by the FCC. KWSC-FM Wayne NE, licensed to Wayne U., was one. It was missing issues/program lists for about three years. It’s attempt to get a reduction from a $9K assessment on financial grounds was turned down due to lack of provided evidence, but it did get a reduction to $7.2K for its history of compliance with FCC regs. The other station was Saga’s WTAX-AM in Springfield IL, which was taxed to the tune of $3K for a year of missing issues/programs lists. It argued that it was unaware the lists were missing, therefore the violation wasn’t “willful,” and that the omission was an honest mistake. The FCC figures is the licensee doesn’t willfully make sure it’s in compliance, that constitutes a willful failure to comply, so Saga owes $3K, which had already been reduced from $4K since Saga voluntarily disclosed the omission.