FCC has bids for over $4M for FM CP rights


The bidding in FCC FM Broadcast Auction No. 91 has made it through seven rounds as of 3PM Thursday 4/28/11. Of 144 allocations put up for bidding, the Commission says it has provisional winning bids for 96.

The gross amount of the bids thus far is $4.55M. The net total, calculated after bidding credits are factored in, is $4.141M. There are 117 bidders participating in the action.

By far, the most expensive CP will be for a station in Lawrence Park PA, a community just outside the Great Lakes municipality of Erie PA. Mini Me Media has plunked down $920K for the station, more than tripling the second-most expensive CP.

Here are bid amounts, locations and bidders for all CPs for which the bids made it into six figures thus far:

$920K Lawrence Park PA: Mini Me Media LLC

$272K Coosada AL: Lake Broadcasting Inc.

$261K Northport AL: Educational Media Foundation


$246K Daytona Beach Shores FL: Central Florida Educational Foundation Inc.

$205K Waterford CA: Lotus Communications Corp.

$195K Coachella CA: Tracy McCutchen

$107K Adams MA: LiveAir Communications Inc.

$101K Montauk NY: CSI Media Research

$100K Palmer AK: Tanana Valley Television Company

$100K Ferrysburg MI: WGHN Inc.

$100K Fallon Station NV: Shamrock Communications Inc.