FCC gives noncoms a shot at commercial sticks


There are a number of mutually exclusive applications for FMs, FM translators, a television station and even a few AM stations that had a mixed group of applicants – meaning that some were commercial and some not. The FCC is acting on a MOTOR – or a Memorandum Opinion and Third Order on Reconsideration – and giving the noncoms the opportunity to amend their filing status to commercial in order to participate in the ultimate dispensation of the CPs.

The Second Memorandum was going to simply dismiss the NCEs and then hold a closed auction amongst the remaining applicants, but on reconsideration determined that was a harsh policy and arrived at this new one.

The NCEs must state that the amendment is for the purpose of changing filing status to commercial, in triplicate and via email. No other amendments are allowed for the NCEs, and non-NCE applicants are not allowed any amendments. This amendment window is open until 10/30/09 and is free of charge – meaning no filing fees.

Two NCEs were also involved in applying for AM stations formerly licensed to entities controlled by convicted felon Michael Rice. They too are being given the same opportunity before the stations become part of AM Auction No. 32. Both are licensed to Terre Haute IN.

The pdf file in the attachment box to the right shows the location and applicants for the other stations.