FCC extends comment period for TV NPRM


ET Docket No. 10-235 is called “Innovation in the Broadcast Television Bands: Allocations, Channel Sharing and Improvements to VHF,” and the book was to be closed on the matter insofar as outside comment goes on 4/18/11 – and by closed, we mean that was the back-end deadline not for initial comments but for reply comments. But a number of broadcasters asked for and received an extra week to weigh in.

LIN Media, Media General, Inc., Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc., Tribune Broadcasting Company, Debtor-In-Possession and a lengthy list of state broadcasting associations all requested extra time.

The reason: Not only were many of their key docket-commenting employees in Las Vegas attending the National Broadcasting Association meeting, they were also listening to and talking with key FCC employees. There were many key issues on the table, including incentive auctions. “The requestors assert that they need the opportunity to address in their reply comments matters that they learned from these presentations.”

The FCC agreed and added a week to the schedule. Reply comments are now due on 4/25/11.