FCC extends comment period for enhanced disclosure proceeding


The FCC has a lot of ideas on its further notice of proposed rulemaking that was issued under the title “Standardized and Enhanced Disclosure Requirements for Television Broadcast Licensees, and which also has a Children’s Television Program Report item piggybacking. The comment deadline was 12/22/11, but NAB has requested, and received, an extension of the reply comment period.

The original reply comment deadline date was 1/6/12. The FCC said it was having a difficult time meeting that deadline due to the two federal holidays falling in between the two comment deadlines and requested a 21-day extension.

The FCC was partly in agreement, but said that 21 days was a little much. It granted a ten day extension, however, and moved the reply deadline to 1/17/12.

One of the key components of the proceeding is a proposal to eliminate paper public files stored at a station and replace them with online public files on a website maintained by the FCC. This would initially apply to the smaller television broadcast universe only, but will likely spread to radio and is therefore of interest to all broadcasters regardless of which spectrum band in which they operate.