FCC agents bag night owl AM day-timer


When the sun goes down in the New Orleans radio market, so too is the signal of KGNA-AM Gretna LA, licensed to Crocodile Broadcasting Inc. However, FCC agents discovered that for a period of years, the station had been up and running past its legal 8:30PM sign-off time.

The unauthorized night-time operation was not the only problem discovered – the current station authorization, its most recent renewal application and a series of quarterly issues/program lists were also missing.

This laundry list resulted in the levying of a punitive fine totaling $14K. Crocodile requested a reduction for the following reasons:

(1) its mistaken belief that it was authorized to operate at night

(2) its history of compliance with the rules

(3) its “limited resources to devote to public file maintenance”

(4) its broadcast of “programming responsive to community needs and interests during the two years prior to the NAL

(5) its post-inspection efforts to remedy the public inspection file violation

The FCC did not find much reason to grant a reduction. Among them: the station is supposed to be very aware of when it is and is not supposed to be on the air; and the fact that multiple violations took place over an extended period of time is not what the FCC defines as a record of compliance.

The fine stands as levied at $14K.