FCC Adds Dates to the Auction Roadshow


FCCThe FCC needs spectrum. TV spectrum. And that means it needs television stations to relinquish it so it can be auctioned off to wireless broadband providers. It has eight more cities to its tour promoting participation to the broadcast community.

The sessions are designed to provide information about both the actual auction and the repacking process that will involve a lot of stations whether they choose to participate or not.

It will build on the information already provided in the Greenhill report.

Here are the dates and locations of the newly-added sessions.
* May 11, 2015: Orlando, FL
* May 12, 2015: Miami, FL
* May 18, 2015: Boston, MA
* May 19, 2015: Hartford, CT
* June 1, 2015: Austin, TX
* June 2, 2015: Dallas, TX
* June 8, 2015: Chicago, IL
* June 9, 2015: Milwaukee, WI