Family Life moves into Santa Maria


Noncommercial KGDP-FM, serving the Santa Maria-Lompoc CA market from Santa Maria, is going from People of Action, headed by Norwood Patterson, to Family Life Broadcasting, with Randy J. Carlson at the helm.
According to brokers at Patrick Communications, the total value of the deal is about $200K.

Family Life will put down $7K in escrow, and will come up with an additional $127K in cash at closing. Additionally, it will pay $21,299.36 to Coastal Towers Inc. Finally, consulting agreements will be set up with both Norwood and Gloria Patterson, amounting to a total of $50K.

An LMA began 8/28/09.

The station, which is not currently broadcasting, is on 90.5 MHz, with 17.5 kw @ 827’.