Family Guy leapfrogs to #1 on kgb 5425452 TV ranker


Fox’s Family Guy, the show certain media watchdogs love to hate, is feeling the love from users of text information service kgb 542542, vaulting from #5 to #1 during the week of 9/26/10-10/3/10. Meanwhile, another Fox offering, Glee, fell from #1 to #6.

The service claims to be able to provide an accurate answer to any question for the price of $0.99 a pop, both via mobile phone and the internet. Its rankings are based on the number of queries it receives about current television programs.

Here are the rankings for 9/26/10-10/3/10:

1. “Family Guy” Fox (last week #5)

2. “CSI” CBS (last week #4)

3. “Supernatural” CW (last week #6)

4. “Dancing with the Stars” ABC (last week #2)

5. “Jersey Shore” MTV (last week #3)

6. “Glee” Fox (last week #1)

7. “The Office” NBC (last week unlisted)

8. “The Simpsons” Fox (last week unlisted)

9. “Dexter” Showtime (last week #7)

10. “South Park” Comedy Central (last week unlisted)

Dropping off the list were:

“Sons of Anarchy” FX (last week #8)

“One Tree Hill” CW (last week #9)

“House MD” Fox (last week #10)

RBR-TVBR observation: For obvious reasons, kgb’s ranker skews young. But even though broadcasting is the more “traditional” of broadcast and cable, and is subject to stricter programming constraints, broadcasters still managed to capture seven of the top ten rankings, including the top four, to cable’s three.