Extreme Genes/Family History Radio celebrates first year on air


talk-shows-usaThe nationally Syndicated “Extreme Genes/ Family History Radio” program is celebrating its first anniversary on the air.  The show began on KNRS AM/FM in Salt Lake City last July.  It rolled into syndication in January and in just six months is now carried (or has commitments for) a total of 20 new affiliates, including Salt Lake City, Denver, Huntsville and Idaho Falls.

“It’s been received with such enthusiasm by so many programmers, listeners, and sponsors, it kind of takes your breath away,” says host and longtime broadcaster Scott Fisher.  “When you’re the first at anything you just never know how it’s going to be received.  It’s very exciting and very humbling.”

Family history and genealogy is enjoying a tidal wave of interest as one of America’s great pastimes, with billions of dollars being spent on research and related products each year, including DNA testing.

Scott Fisher
Scott Fisher

“Extreme Genes” capitalizes on Fisher’s years as an A/C morning show host to provide information while keeping the audience entertained.

The program is syndicated by Skip Joeckel’s Talk Shows USA.