Epperson expands in NC


Salem Communications executive Stuart Epperson has his own independent group, Truth Broadcasting Corporation, and he’s just struck a deal with GHB Broadcasting to get a fifth AM in the Greensboro-Winston-Salem market. The station is WTIX-AM, licensed to Winston-Salem.

Epperson will pay $400K cash for it. GHB will still have a pair of stations in the market, WBLO-AM and WIST-FM.

Truth’s other stations in the market include WKEW-AM, WPOL-AM, WSMX-AM & WTRU-AM. All carry either Gospel or Christian programming.

That is likely where WTIX-AM is headed. As its call letters imply, it is carrying Sports at the moment. The parties made it a matter of contract that Truth will be able to withdraw from a contract with ESPN once it expires next year.

RBR-TVBR observation: Great calls for a Sports outlet, which Epperson probably won’t really need. Could they be put up for auction in the internet? Hmmm….